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Prihoda North America is proud to have created custom-engineered systems for universities, office buildings, indoor agriculture and manufacturing facilities, restaurants, stores, recording studios, and more

Prihoda offers the widest and most innovative product range coupled with the best design software in the market. Since 1994, the differentiation in working with Prihoda is not just found in our quality of work but in our desire to go above and beyond the industry standards with design and functionality. Prihoda’s software is key in helping you deliver an artful design to match a scientific solution specific to your building’s needs. From technical solutions for air velocity, and temperature requirements, and even effectively reducing system sounds, Prihoda will help you find the solutions you need.

Prihoda also provides energy-efficient systems that support sustainable design. Sustainability and Green Buildings Projects are the next step in all building designs in the years to come. At Prihoda we are proud to help support the green building movement with traceable, certifiably sustainable products. Our 100% post-consumer recycled fabric is free of redlist ingredients, so it’s ideal for any Living Building Challenge or Well Building project. And our technical resources and design tools give architects and their mechanical design teams an added edge, helping to ensure success in sustainable design.

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Prihoda brings the expertise for your air distribution systems. Fabric ducting improves airflow and indoor air quality. Prihoda’s modular design makes creating a custom-engineered system easy for nearly any space. Prihoda offers the expertise and support needed to make your next project a success.

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Architects and Owners

Prihoda is committed to being a trusted partner at every stage of the design process. Prihoda can provide custom colors, images, and patterns for your unique building needs. Our products can either blend in or stand out for your specific overall desire.

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Contractors and Facility Maintenance

Prihoda’s technical expertise shines through from our easy-to-install ducting to our competitively priced products, Prihoda will be with you at every stage, from initial planning to design and installation. Discover how impactful working with Prihoda’s flexible and affordable air ducting systems can be.

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Solutions for Indoor Agriculture
Solutions for Indoor Refrigeration

Our 100% post-consumer recycled fabric is free of redlist ingredients, so it’s ideal for any Living Building Challenge or Well Building project.

Custom Ducting Solutions for Indoor Agriculture & Refrigeration

Custom-designed Prihoda Grow air distribution systems are easy to install, save considerable costs compared to metal ductwork, and guarantee optimum conditions for any crop in any size growing operation.

With Prihoda Recycled, we are proud to help support the green building movement with traceable, certifiably sustainable products.

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Indoor Agriculture

Environmental control is critical to any indoor agriculture application.

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Fabric ducts and diffusers disperse cold air without causing draughts…

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About Us

At Prihoda we combine talent with expertise. As part of the global Prihoda family, we are proud to represent the industry leader in fabric ducting research and development.

Prihoda products lead the way in patented innovations, and our network of outstanding distributors and representatives help architects, engineers, and contractors all over the country discover the advantages of fabric ducting technology.

Prihoda fabric ducting systems are found in offices, labs, libraries, warehouses, restaurants, stores, and manufacturing facilities.

All over the world, in spaces large and small, Prihoda’s custom-designed air dispersion systems deliver improved air quality in a cost-effective system to a wide range of industries and applications.

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Fabric ducting systems provide superior air dispersion, are lightweight, and have a less invasive, faster installation process compared to traditional metal ductwork. They can be custom designed for the specific requirements of a space, and they provide uniform air distribution. They also will not sweat, rust or corrode. Significant cost savings, and custom aesthetics such as custom colors, logos and patterns.

Fabric ducting is generally low maintenance. It’s typically designed to be machine washable, making it easy to keep clean. However, specific maintenance practices may vary based on the exact type and manufacturer of the fabric duct.

Fabric ducting is often made from recyclable materials, and its energy efficiency can contribute to a lower carbon footprint. However, the exact sustainability will depend on the specific manufacturing and use practices.

Custom ducting solutions can offer a range of air dispersion types. This includes micro-perforations for precise cooling, linear vents for focused directional airflow, nozzles for high-velocity targeted air, and more.

The fabric duct system operates by using static pressure from a mechanical fan to disperse air through a specially engineered ducting diffuser made of fabric. It works much like traditional metal ducts, but it allows for a more uniform and efficient air distribution due to the use of permeable materials.

Fabric ducts offer several advantages over traditional metal ducts. They are lighter, more cost-effective, easy to install, and provide superior air distribution. Additionally, they can be laundered for hygiene maintenance, which is particularly beneficial for environments like food processing plants or hospitals.

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Creating Healthy School Environments with Fabric Ducting

The schools are a hub for nurturing the fresh and developing minds of children. Ensuring good air quality is vital. While outdoor spaces provide fresh air, indoor environments matter, too, given the time students spend …Read MoreRead More

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